hometown swim

school swim season is in full swing! oh how quickly i had forgotten how much we stay on the road during swim season. it's been a few years since we have not had a teenage driver to help out. 

i wanted to rewind a couple months to our summer club swim season. this club activity makes summertime even sweeter. it brings back memories of the summer days spent watching my own children toddle around the pool in swimmies. {sigh}  it's also a treat when they get to see their cousins on a daily basis and reconnect with their camden friends.  somedays the school season feels like forever, while this season seems like a blink.  

anna katherine's second home this summer was the ccc pool. the girl loves to swim almost as much as she loves children. she  helped my sister coach swim team and gave swim lessons throughout the day.

key west

rewinding a bit so that i can finish up our summer vacation, which feels like six months ago. while the guys fished, the rest of us loaded up for a day trip to key west. the one hour drive is a tropical treat in itself. when we arrived, we split into two groups. anna katherine went on a jet ski tour that she said was the best! sadly i didn't get a single picture. she took an uber to meet us, which sent me into a panic. to me, uber just sounds dangerous!

mary claire wanted to go to the hemmingway house... again.  her literature class read old man and the sea and suddenly she was even more curious about ernest hemming way. (i feel sure she wanted to see his cat descendants)  we toured the house, visited hi cats and enjoyed lunch at the cat cafe. 

 we took an open air tour that was as hot as an oven! despite the fact that we were slow baking in the bus seats, we loved hearing the history and being able to hop on and off. definitely worth it!

these two are offs (and spirit animals.) 

key west is so colorful and full of character!
the perfect day trip!


we made it. barely, but we made it. anna katherine and bennett are all moved into their apartments in clemson. and the grieving process adjusting to the new normal has begun :)

a few days after move in mary claire started the eighth grade. we had visions of her happily settling into the only child role. not happening. this girl misses her sister something awful.when a kitten cannot do the job... it's a situation. 

we decided to move anna katherine in over two days. let me tell you, this made the process  much easier. so move in day was blazing hot! hauling furniture up three flights of stairs while threatening a heat stroke helps with the weepiness. we made a few trips here and there, gathering the finishing touches on her room. moving a girl and moving a boy are two different animals. 
bennett stopped by unfortunately after the furniture was moved. it is a nice feeling to know that they are there together. at least for a year they have each other a few miles away. 

prayer surely disolves a lot of worry. oh  the new experiences she will soak in. our pdaily conversations with God include a laundry list of new things; roommates, new faces, friends, safety, decision making,  health... the list goes on and on. definitely this is a life changing phase.

we enjoyed lunch a one of bennett's favorites diners. you can't beat a meat and vegetables for $5. 
we said goodbye in a hot clemson parking lot. everyone was hanging n by a thread until mary claire started crying. and let me just say, the next couple of days were ugly. we so happy for our college girl, but we miss her terribly. terribly.

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