fish tank

Another Christmas and Mary Claire was still begging Santa Claus for a pony...a real pony. With a real pony being out of the question, our plan was to talk her out of a pony and into fish instead! No need to worry, life expectancy  for new animals in our house was unfortunately short!  Mary Claire was determined to have best fed  fish in Camden and we soon found out how nasty and stinky these creatures could be. Smelling to high heaven, we had to move the tank out of her room to the down stairs. Mom needed help head off any future stink! Well today, out of the blue, Mary Claire asked, “Why does daddy hate my fish?” I assured her, daddy did not hate her fish. “Then, why is he always mean to them?” I promised he has never been mean to her fish, he loves them and cruelty to fish is almost impossible anyway. “Yes, momma he is, he is mean to them all the time. He told the man at the pet store that they were going to die.” Anna Katherine, all to eager to rat out her dad, chimes in. “Momma, he did…he really did say that… He told us we could only get the cheap fish, because they were going to die anyway.” Then Bennett pipes in from upstairs, “He did momma. We wanted the big colorful fish, but they were expensive. We had to get the .99 cent fish because they wouldn’t live long.” Wow, Santa…way to save a couple dollars! Our dime store fish are still alive, still stinking and seem to be enjoying life. I hate to admit, I have been waiting for nature to hopefully take it’s course. How is it that kittens, hamsters and bunnies have to fight for survival and these stinky fish are living it up!
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