Before I got out of bed today, I  praised God for another wonderful year! Another year to be so thankful for the life that I have been blessed with!

 And, another year to turn 29! It has been an on going joke for years, that all my birthday cakes say 29. A couple years ago, we noticed Anna Katherine staring the cake. It hit her, "you were 29 last year!" So, now it just drives her nuts that my cakes continue to say, "Happy 29th Birthday!"

My sweet husband fixed me breakfast in bed. And, on a school day! Which means breakfast must be served before 5:45, I'm always the first one up! Mary Claire thought the smiling waffle was just hilarious!

Anna Katherine made the sweetest little birthday booklet titled, "I love you because..." She left it on my computer, so I would find it when I started work. It was just precious! Here it is, page by page:
"I love you mom, I am so lucky to have you." 2) "I love you because you and daddy don't fight, I'm so glad you don't" (she has a friend in the midst of a divorce, evidence that it has really been bothering her) 3)"Thank you for getting my surgery. My head doesn't hurt now because of you." 4) "Thank you for sending us to a good school, I'm going to be extra smart" 5) "Thank you for taking care of our house" 6) "And, you save all the memories, I won't forget everything" (so sweet, someone finally noticed,,,smile!) 7) And on the back of the card : "Please get us a rabbit." And she added an (s) in another crayon color to make it say "rabbits"

My sister called me bright and early to wish me a happy birthday! And, to assure me that I could exchange my birthday gift and that she could use an extra lasagna dish. She had read yesterday's blog! My sister's family gift was was from the gourmet kitchen store in our small town! (where they know her by name!) It was perfect, "so me," an industrial cookie spatula, rustic bowl and cookie cutters!
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