Bunny Season

Bunny Season is OPEN – almost

     Being a children’s photographer, each spring I photograph with live bunnies. They make precious portrait subjects and are wonderful with the kids. However, bunny season is always a bit stressful. Not the picture taking aspect, that’s a piece of cake… just keeping the rabbits alive is stressful! (I’ll have to talk about lamb season in another blog, I’m still not quite over that one.) One of our more gruesome bunny tales was from a few years ago. The kids and I arrived home to discover a 6ft. black snake in our rabbit cage. Well, sorry snake lovers, but in our family, a snake is a snake! And, poisonous or not, I didn’t care, the only thing I knew was that it needed to die! The snake was trapped in the cage and had eaten two baby bunnies. The one baby, who was left, was trembling in the corner. From my level of panic, you would have thought the snake was threatening to eat my toddler!My husband was out of town, Bennett was little, our few sane neighbors were at work and we were in full PANIC mode! We needed a HELP and FAST! I frantically called my (lawyer) brother-in-law at work. I was hysterical, the kids were hysterical and we needed him to come NOW! So, dressed in his tailored suit, shined shoes and bow tie, he headed to the country for a snake killing. He managed to free the last bunny from the snake’s death grip and save the day! Uncle Stephen was a hero!

     Spring 2009 was our first experience with bunnies and our miniature dachshund, Charlie. I had no idea dachshunds were bred especially to hunt rodents. Which bunnies are….My little dog, relentlessly barked, chased and harassed these docile creatures. He even managed to capture and kill the ones that got loose. We kept bunny catching nets (fish nets) close at hand, wired an electric fence around the cage, fenced off the area and used suggested “dog punishment techniques”… Nothing, I mean nothing, we could do would break his around the clock obsession with the rabbits. We talked to a professional dog trainer, who told us that once they tasted blood (killed one), it was a very hard habit to break. After my spring season, and only a couple rabbit fatalities, I finally managed to give away our last bunny. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and I immediately began to dread the next spring season.

     Well, the season is almost here, the cage is ready and my girls are begging! Notice the pictures above, "Please, I will be so happy" and "I will never complain again." (not falling for that one!) Procrastination! I am putting off getting my bunnies as long as I can, because they do not need to be traumatized a day longer than they needed. But, the girls know, until Charlie gets his shock collar, the bunnies must wait (at least a few more weeks!)
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