Crown Prince

Two years later our only boy, our crown prince, was born! Anticipating his birth, we read every parenting book and took all the child birthing classes! We were determined to be perfect parents! PERFECT! (if we only could have known how ridiculous we sounded!) But, Experiencing parenthood for the first time was exhilarating… all of the new experiences and emotions, it was almost intoxicating! Upon arrival, this whopping ten pound baby, hung our moon and to us there was no other! Being our first child, we were so protective… charts and schedules hung in the house, babysitters had background checks and got typed instructions and germs…… they were not permitted! (I am laughing even while typing this!) His parents saw to it that all Developmental milestones were met well in advance! We did it! Our “Boy Genius” was created! Such a sweet, precious child, mom and dad were so proud! But, SUDDENLY something changed…. On his 13th birthday, my boy, my sweet boy, woke up and decided he WAS a rock star. A BIG rock star, with all the fanfare of ALL the Jonas Brothers! And, he wondered why he not be treated like royalty? Requesting a hefty weekly allowance for simply picking up his underwear, demanding maid service, a chef, & personal assistants. But, he did allow his mom & dad to drive his tour bus, (as long as they paid for the gas)! Boy genius? We have created Nick Jonas! Are there parenting books undoing for this? Maybe this is all teenage behavior…..time and lots of restriction will tell? But, still, “Boy Genius” or “Rock Star”, we wouldn’t change a hair on his head!
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