bra names

I will admit, that I have been known to be over the top prudish concerning my children's clothing. I do not like, nor let them wear anything that is not wholesomely age appropriate. We opt for looking like an American Girl doll over a Bratz doll! And, shopping for little girl’s clothing can often feel like you are shopping on the Vegas strip…in the most popular stores! But, tonight I came across a line of clothing that almost sent me over the edge. A line in the children's section... right beside the size 4 princess training panties. The items themselves were not bad, but the names of these clothing lines were; FIRST KISS and DOLLHOUSE. Sounds a bit pedophile- ish / stipclub-ish to me! Makes me wonder who is sitting around the table, designing and naming clothing for little girls. Call me old fashioned, but this is just not appropriate!
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