It’s a Girl!

Our little Anna Katherine was an answer to a my prayers! I wanted our next baby to be a girl, BADLY. I had read the book, “How to choose the sex of your baby” from cover to cover . I had my “girl planning” down to a science! Calendars, thermometers and a watch… this baby was going to be a girl and my husband agreed to just do as he was told. And, she was! I cried at our ultrasound, I was so overjoyed! This would mommy’s little princess, a ballerina who loved baby dolls and having tea parties! My pregnancy was a rollercoaster ride, but my first baby girl, entered this world on her own terms, 5 weeks early. A beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed baby! A tot, who turned out to be a Tomboy!  A princess, who would much rather climb trees than have a tea party! A teary eyed ballerina, who after 5 years of ballet, her daddy said, “for goodness sake, let her quit.” But, this didn’t stop her mother from compulsively shopping for smocked dresses and hair bows. One for every occasion. And, Anna Katherine, always-always wore a hair bow! (BIG bows helped spot her in the tops of those trees, amongst the boys!) She came out of the womb independent and knowing exactly what she wanted. I now realize that, in all of my girl planning, I somehow managed to clone myself! (which at times can be like oil and water) She is such a joy, with her sweet disposition, giving personality and desire to help others. As she is approaching her teens, she is becoming more and more girly every day!  She still loves to climb trees, but now with her nails painted!
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