Our baby

Then came our baby, Mary Claire! It took a few years to finally get this jewel! After another roller coaster pregnancy, delivery and frightening premature delivery, her parents were quite tired…. and all the rules, guide books and the desire for things to be the newest and greatest went out the window! She wore all he sister’s hand-me downs (but still wore a hair bow at all times) and had substantially fewer toys (because by this time we felt like we had already bought all there was to buy, at least once!) She was allowed to eat her dessert before her carrots and was could play in the dirt and mud without her mother hovering over her with a box baby wipes! She is our wild haired, gap tooth, diamond in the rough… I predict a beautiful young lady! A scruffy voiced, lover of animals (real and stuffed) She has always been so advanced for her aged, she shows an intense desire to learn! (Completely potty trained at 18months old!) We all savor every minute of her cuteness and mischief. After two children, we knew how fast the time would fly. Boy, how your parenting outlook changes and wow, how this little bundle has a completely different personality! A crowd pleaser and straight A kindergartener. At her first kindergarten conference, her teacher looked at me and said, “I honestly cannot tell you one thing she needs to work on. She is brilliant.” You could have knocked me over with a feather! HOW did this happen? We think it was survival of the fittest!
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