Sunday chores

Dear Lord, the presence of all these chores awaiting me says You have richly blessed my family. We shall try our best to do them gratefully. Even though we may grumble and complain,
I Thank you, Lord, for my life.

Signs of spring, a messy house on a Sunday afternoon! After working all weekend, I returned home to really messy house! The cupboards were bare, the downstairs a disaster and obviously an experiment had taken place in the kitchen…. and a surprise visit from my sister! Who completely understands what can happen if the mom temporarily stops everything! Laughing at her words, “oh this is better than it was a few minutes ago!” I didn’t blink an eye, life's too short! I chose to sit amongst the mess and enjoy our visit, clean up can come later! And we did… five people + one hour and our house was completely back in order, like mom had been home all weekend!
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