from sticks to short boys to marajuana

All in a day…

 Mary Claire hopped in the car today talking about a fellow 6 year old having a working cell phone(which turned out to be true, he did! ) She kept all of her behavior sticks, but was eager to tell me each classmate who didn’t. Her silly bands (rubber band shaped things, that sell for $5 a bag and are all the rage!) had disappeared on the playground and she disliked everything I packed in her lunch box except the pudding. But, thrilled that her teacher (my same age) has the same birthday as her mommy, “and she was 29 too!” (SO funny that I am not the only one clinging to 29)

 My Anna Katherine is already fretting the May dance. The fifth graders are in the May Court, so sweet and heart warming! Girls are escorted by boys, dressed in Sunday best, as they dance around the May Pole. Scared to death that I will make her wear the (beautiful) Strasburg dress I bought on sale last season. (classic, but not ‘in style according to her’!) Tomorrow, she  wants me to "write a note" because, there are only “short boys are left” . (saying what? Give her a tall boy?)         {drama queen}

Shifting gears to middle school talk... Bennett, has a paper due tomorrow on the topic of “Michael Phelps, marijuana and should he lose his Olympic medals.” We debated the topic all the way home. I kept “shushing him” not wanting my kindergartner to hear and repeat the word marijuana. (who knows what she is already repeating) Thirty minutes later we were home and we agreed, Michael Phelps should be punished according to the law, but able to keep his Olympic medals.

As their daddy was tucking the girls in bed and I was in the kitchen packing lunches, Bennett pops out of his room, “I’m done with my paper, who wants to proof read it?” (We have an open balcony with the upstairs overlooking the kitchen, so noise REALLY travels) Daddy decides, he will. Here’s our next conversation:

After reading the paper, Daddy declares to me: “I CAN'T believe it, Bennett is PRO marijuana, doesn’t think he should be punished.”

Mom: “No he is not PRO marijuana, we talked about this all the way home. I know what he is trying to say."

Bennett: “Daddy, I am NOT PRO marijuana, did you read the whole thing?”

Anna Katherine and her super sonic hearing, flies out of the bed : “Momma, you mean you are going to let Bennett GROW marijuana”

Mom: “what?”

Anna Katherine: “You and daddy just said Bennett could GROW marijuana.”

Mom (holding back the laughter) : “PRO and GROW do rhyme! But, no your brother cannot GROW marijuana.”

(I can't even keep a house plant alive, for goodness sake!)
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