Ipecac & Smoke

Two things I firmly believe in; Ipecac syrup and good smoke detectors! Really, there seems to be something amusing that happens in our house, daily... well, not always with bells, sirens and smoke detectors! Yesterday, I was just ending a delightful visit with my sister and her girls. Anna Katherine made and decorated brownies with the tots. While my sister and  I talked nonstop at around the kitchen table, while pouring over clothing magazines. While walking her out and fooling with her car seat, Mary Claire and Anna Katherine came FLYING out of the house. When I say frantically screaming, that's an understatement! Then I heard the fire alarm and was able to make out one of Mary Claire's words, FIRE. As we flew into the house, I immediately smelled smoke (I had just left the kitchen less than two minutes earlier). There, in my kitchen trash can, we saw flames...at least 3 feet over the top. My Jimmy Neutron flies downstairs with the fire extinguisher, Bennett once again, saving the day! It seems Mary Claire had dropped my lit candle into the trash can, where I had just poured bacon grease! Thank God we were all unharmed and my sister did not go into labor on my kitchen floor! Lesson learned... never touch my candles, always have  fire extinguishers and when my sister visits, be careful.and
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