Baby Roger

Pin a bow tie on this prince and call him Stephen! My nephew was born today and he is just perfect! His sisters were thrilled, the family ecstatic and especially excited to hear his name. All of my babies, looked almost identical at birth. But, to me, this little guy doesn't look so much like his sisters, he has his daddy written all over him!  My sister, as always, did great! She is the queen mother. The nurse asked if she needed a lactation specialist. Are you kidding, she is a lactation specialist.
Baby Roger's name is unique, definitely not a trendy, common name. It is a classic, old fashioned kind of name. His name sake is Stephen's precious daddy. He has such a kind Christian heart. He is well known in our small town as one of the kindest, most giving people you could ever meet. To meet "big" Roger is to love "big" Roger. "Baby" Roger a great role model.
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