Carloina Cup

One of my favorite events of the year, The Carolina Cup. It is the one Saturday of the year I try very hard to not work. Rain, wind or cold, we still manage to have a great time. This year the weather forecast was predicting a chilly day. We shopped for our sun dresses weeks in advance, had everything pressed and ready to go. At the last minute, weighing freezing verses fashion, we choose a quick outfit change.

I walked out in pants and a shirt and Jeff asked in that tone, "Are you wearing that?" Well, I am sorry my original outfit did not include a sports coat.
Uncle Stephen ~ mastering the art of the bow tie! Bennett was so impressed, he would not untie it at the end oft he day. He loosened it from the back to preserve the perfect tie.
Bennett was more mortified, "MOM are you wearing that."I wasn't alone. Most preferred warmth over fashion.
Two of my best-best buddies! These two friends are the kind friends that only come along a few times in an entire lifetime! 
Mary Claire has ice cream and she is still upset, go figure! Then again, Bennett has a devilish smile on his face. Which leads me to believe he played some part in this.
Love my little clementine ~ she loves the horses!
My kids LOVE watching the horses! This year, weather permitted and we were able to watch every race.

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