The moms are away all week for a little work and a little play.We are in Florida with 3000 other photographers for an Expo. We started our trip with some major-major outlet shopping. We hit the jackpot at the Croc outlet, kids crocs for $5! Our shopping spree put us at our hotel at 11pm. Not to mention we got lost with a GPS!
We are definitely here with 2,900 very 'different' looking photographers. We have been looking around wondering WHO would ever allow some of theses guys to show up, much less photograph their wedding. Talk about business casual, this is bum-out casual. I am sure they are extremely talented, but irons are cheap! One girl photographer was talking about how she 'was amazing in the morning', it only took her 20 minutes to get ready...AND she bragged she took a shower everyday. (doesn't everyone?) We accidently broke in line while registering...big-big mistake...one lady resembling the witch in Hansel & Grettle quickly (and loudly) let us know we were breaking the rules. Rather embarrassed, we tucked our tails under our pressed clothes and creeped to the back of the mile long line. (we really had no idea we breaking in line) 

 We have met a some incredibly nice people, but it has definitely been interesting.
After our first marathon, 14 hour day of learning, we were eager to chill and practice what we learned.  I have been picking on Shannon and her million dollar computer all day, to the point someone asked if we were sisters. Here's my gripe (she knows and is rolling her eyes as I type): "Why do people with Apple computers call them only "MACS" and not laptops or computers. I need to get my MAC, I did this on my MAC, come look at this on my MAC. 'Us  Windows guys, don't call our laptops "Windows." We don't say,"I need to get my Windows, I did this on my Windows, come look at this on my Windows.'  Just a little laptop snobbery!    (and my own Apple envy)
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