Girls night out

The girls and I made an evening trip to Columbia to visit new baby boy! With all the sugar and energy, it ended up looking more like "Little Girls Gone Wild." There were so many hilarious pictures, I limited it to a few. Excuse the quality; I was using my pocket camera - without a flash-so not to bring more attention to our behavior! 

 Here we are making our way out of Baptist Hospital. I'm just happy we made it this far with smiles still on our faces. There was a bit of a scuffle over "who would push the buttons" on the elevator. SOLUTION... we were on floor 4 going down to floor 3. I let the girls push all the buttons 4 and above! Hopefully no one going UP was in a hurry. Notice how filthy - dirty the girls are! Honestly, I rarely let them be seen in public in such a mess. But, they had chased the rabbits into the fireplace right before we left. Without a change of clothes I had no other go ahead - play inch worm across the crosswalk - add some dirt to the sutt!

Then a late dinner at a local food buffet {yuck}  It beats McDonalds, they needed something that resembled vegetables after being on the go two nights in a row! All went well until vegetables were eaten and it was dessert time! Thank goodness, this dessert bar was full of organic, sugar free, gluten free desserts! {smile} My sister's stamp of approval.

Sarah Anne and Liza discovered how the Graves' girls enoy ice cream. "A little ice cream with your sprinkles"  OH, this discovery was pure heaven. One cone of ice cream and two bowls of sprinkles.

Sarah Anne would not let one-single sprinkle go to waste! Get all the goody while mommy's in the hospital!

And, after all that sugar, they were so well behaved!

How could they not be... with  my kids as role models!
{did I mention the restaurant was almost empty and I left a big tip?}

Liza wanted to show us how the Smoaks eat fried chicken...just dip it in ice cream!
Sarah Anne said, "Aunt Heidi made a mess of me!"
{she was little wet after I hosed her off in the bathroom}

Ended our night with a santitizing bath! Ready for clean kids and some hairbows!
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