great trip

I am easily star struck and when I was able to weasel a photograph and a book signature out of a world famous photographer, I was THRILLED! It was like a teen meeting Miley Cyrus {smile} Of course I had to find Shannon and brag-brag-brag!
Well, as you can see, she was not going to stand for that! Se hunted him down after his last semuinar and got down on her knees and begged. {Well, not really, but she will hate I added that detail!} She asked him to write 'more' than he wrote in mine! His wife said, "You two must be sisters to pick on each other like that." Later, the next day he was at his book booth and asked if I would like a P.S. in my book, thus making it longer than Shannon's. {believe it or not, we are not a bit competitive and we love each other}
We had a great fun filled trip, met some neat people, ate some really good food and learned so much! The man who took this picture was a hypnotist who looked at me all wiry eyed, like he was putting me in a trance. He cornered me and concluded "My problem was I was falling apart." He diagnosed me in front of a dozen people. Shannon's reply was, "no she isn't, Heidi let's go."I couldn't quit laughing, it was the end of a long day and I must have looked a lot worse than I thought! My sister said he sounded like the hypnotizing snake from Jungle Book. That's exactly how he looked at me. Definitely an odd bird
I ended my last day on a horrible note, which sent me home in an awfully fowl mood! My huge text book was stolen from a conference room. The book that included all of my notes, etc. It resembled a two year old's temper tantrum. The director of the conference promised he would mail me the last copy he had on his desk.  All in all, it was a great week!

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