Our family has become quite hooked on the new television series called, Hoarders. I think it's because after watching these sad, awful situations, we feel like OCD neat freaks. I always joke with my son, that his room will one day be featured on an episode. Since Bennett was little, he has always kept every special rock, every special stick and such. I find it so sweet and sentimental to see the things he feels are worth keeping. Often, I will find something so special (like a homemade arrow), I will steal it to put in a very special place. Tonight, while helping him clean up, I decided to a snap a few pictures. Not, to show his hoarding tendencies or his very non-Pottery Barn style room {smile}, but to show some of his unique items. {spaces designed by Bennett}

My grandfather's Bible case on Bennett's favorite reading spot
Love the ceiling fan pull - created from a bullet
Duck Calls
{hanging from a deer antler}
He loves to tie his own fishing flies.
I think they turn out too pretty to waste on a fish, they need framing.
His pride and joy
{two of these are very loud}
Fishing poles and tackle boxes line the walls
Bennett refinished this old gun rack his PaPa gave him.
{the guns are kept in his dad's safe, brought  up only for the picture}
Quill pen and ink
{he has replaced the ink several times}
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