may day pick

The kids flew in the door today screaming, Anna Katherine was picked for The May Court. A pretty big deal. Only six children from each grade are chosen. She hid her excitement, reminding me that "I didn't write the note!" excusing her from the pick. She was worried about being taller than the boy. She was partnered with a precious young boy, cute, sweet, I love his mother, but he is shorter than her. I keep reminding her why most of the boys are shorter than the girls, they go through their growth spurts later than girls. Bennett chimes in and says, "You'll hate it, my friends said it was the worst day of their life." (then their life is too easy, I remind him) Mary Claire assured her she can still "dance on that pole." I was curious to hear Anna Katherine's spin on May Court, so I started asking and listening to her details:

"Mom,the only reason I got picked was because my name was so long. My piece of paper in the bucket was "like this long" {stretching her arms} It's just like you're getting married. You have to wear a pastel dress,not a baby one, high heels and walk through the "cuz-zeebo" (gazebo) then, link arms with a boy. {she added the high heel detail, because I can assure you the 5th graders will not be in heels} Andrew has to match his tie to my dress, so call his mom tomorrow, she said so. And, we have to practice two days after school, just to learn how to link arms. But, I don't have to sing and I still get to dance on the pole. And, do you think Andrew will go through his growth spurt by May?
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