Mr. Fix It

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”
– Bill Gates
I am a lover of computers and cameras! They just so happen to be two  tools of my trade. I love the latest and greatest and despise slow running machines! But, 2010 has not been our year for computers! It is sort of sad how much your life unfortunately revolves around technology. Luckily I married an extremely talented 'Mr. Fix It.' He has managed to find inexpensive solutions to all our computer problems.
*My office computer was struck with a major hardware problem, I could not begin to explain. A computer programmer said it was too far gone. {Daddy disassembled it (a frightening sight) and completely fixed the problem}

*My brand new, candy apple red Acer notebook was destroyed in Bennett's book bag. It might have used a dozen times, now the hard drive is destroyed. {Daddy was able to locate a new mother board, for only dollars}

*Anna Katherine was surfing the internet for homemade bunny treats on the trampoline. She accidentally left her laptop outside during a rainstorm. {Daddy found a new hard drive on eBay for $75}

*My laptop suddenly refuses to type a handful of letters on the keyboard. This creates a problem if you need to use the keys 'L-S-A-E' {a $300 fix at the computer store. Daddy found a new keyboard on for $27 and replaced it himself}

Sweet Husband, you ARE THE MAN!
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