a new table in two days

Since getting hooked on reading blogs, I have discovered some really neat people, sharing great "how to projects." So, I decided to share one as well.  We used a simple, but pitiful looking pine table, we have had since we got married. From start to finish in 8 easy steps.

How to refinish your kitchen table in two days
{A very understanding husband is needed for this project}
{cost $30} 

1. Choose the perfect weekend {preferably not one that your husband is sick, in bed with the stomach virus. This did slow things down a bit}

2. Stock up on sandpaper, dust masks, bread and peanutbutter & jelly. {the younger kids will have to fend for themselves once this project starts} cost $10

3. Quietly move your table to the back deck

4. Pay your teenage son $20 to sand the table {A few quick sanding lessons and there's no turning back}

5. LEAVE for work {good idea - screen your calls for the next few hours}

6. Soon your husband discovers what's taking place on the deck

7. Husband starts critiquing the teenager's sanding job, resulting in the husband taking over {just as planned}

8. When you return from work, your table is in it's final stages

My sweet  husband is a perfectionist, but sometime needs a little encourgment. The weekend "to do list" was long, but I was thrilled this one "to do" got done. Not having a place to eat dinner was a great motivator!

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