My girls have always been fascinated with the  "little ladies products" they see wrapped in shiny paper under the sink. They have asked and asked, what are these mysterious - hidden things? Not feeling like telling my preschoolers the facts of life, I just brush it off and tell them we will talk about it when they are older, so please put them away.  We even avoid saying their real name. I can only imagine  Mary Claire calling them by name during circle time. So, we call them sheep. {This came from a clean  funny joke, I once heard in college} I have caught them many times, abusing and wasting our sheep! Using them as chew toys and bath tub friends.
But, my collection of sheep pictures are so funny.

Anna Katherine, too has always been fascinated by sheep. But, she is not afraid to ask over and over until her question is answered. Ever since 'the talk' in Health class about puberty, there has been a steady flow of questions. She brought home her little sample pack and went through it item by item. Asking questions all the way. She is now fascinated by the entire puberty process.{even though she doesn't know the entire process}  So now, she is waiting on puberty like Mary Claire waits on Santa Claus.  I am still laughing over her most recent car conversation with her daddy.
AK: "DADDY, a girl at my school went through puberty at SCHOOL today!"
DAD: "Anna Katherine, there are lots of girls at school going through puberty, right now."
AK: "NO DADDY, she went through it TODAY AT SCHOOL! She had to go to the NURSE."
                    {smiling, daddy then knew exactly what she is referring to}
AK: "Daddy, I'm never worried about starting puberty at school, because I carry 'sheep' in my pocket book, all the time." {they are not exactly sheep, they are mini thins}
                                                          {brief pause}
AK: "Daddy, what do lady Hobo's do when they have puberty? They don't have sheep because they are poor"{despite our efforts to explain the difference, she still refers to the homeless as 'hobos' }
Dad: -is speechless-
AK:"What daddy, what do they do?"
Dad: thinking for a minute,  "I really don't know, ask your mom ..."

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