An Unfit Aunt

My precious niece fractured her elbow on Saturday at the Carolina Cup... while while she was in our care. We all feel awful , I think we are suffering from post traumatic stress. The girls were running in the outfield right before the last race. I was snapping a few last pictures to capture the beautiful day. I saw it happen, it didn't look as bad as it turned out to be. I thought she had scratched her knee, thus the series of pictures.

The accident in "picture motion"
 The girls were giggling, loving the cool air, running back and forth
A three child collision, the moment of impact
(I was happy to notice my child was not involved, smile)
Mary Claire helping her up
 Mary Claire taking names
15 minutes later
She recovered quickly. We were worried when we noticed she was still holding her arm.
The next day
It is absolutely terrible when an accident happens to your child. But, it is even worse when an accident involves another child in your care! After dropping my niece off at home I got in the car and told my friend, "I would rather that have happened to one of my children." My kids yelled from the backseat, "Well, thanks MOM!" You know what I mean!
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