what were you saying?

I absolutely love the job I have been blessed with!
It is always an honor and a priveledge to photograph the priceless moments of life...
My wedding assistant has a great sense of humor! Since, I photograph weddings all over the state, our tradition has always been to photograph ourselves 'after' each wedding - representing the location. We have an extensive collection! Here we are in Beaufort, by the Military Base at 1:00am!

Shannon's great sense of humor has led to her newest fascination - catching me at unflattering moments and taking very unattractive pictures! NEVER does she try to get a nice, flattering shot. The worse I look, the happier she is. I never know any of these images exist until I sit down to begin the editing process. Here is one from her most recent collection. This is me while I am talking to the mother of the bride. A mother I have a wonderful relationship with. It looks awful, but we were actually talking about the very emotional - teary eyed- father daughter dance.  I usually delete-delete-delete these images. But, I am going to share this image with the sweet mother of the bride. She can get a good laugh as well!
These pictures have led me to change my hair color, make up  and even new clothes! Now, I must work on not talking with my hands!
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