bushel of smiles

Our goal this year in our Girl's in Action class is to DO missions! This week we traveled to Pinedale Nursing Home and delivered fresh apples my mother brought back from the mountains. The girls knocked on the doors, chatted with the guests and enjoyed every minute!
 Putting together the baskets was a laugh a minute, fellowshiping with some of my favorite friends! Even my buddy Shannon showed up (that's how we got a dozen unflattering photos! She is an awesome photographer, she 'un-flatters' us on purpose, for a laugh! This was a good one, because our faces were not showing.)
Thank you Mrs. Smoak for the baskets!
The residents at the nursing home lit up when our girls arrived. They talked and talked, begged us to come back soon. Some asked to give us money for the apples or give us our containers back, they were just precious people. As we were leaving, they even said "First Baptist is so good to us!" Just warms our hearts!
We have taken many trips and done several missions, but I will say this trip was special. The residents were so happy and our girls felt "they were dong the missions of the church."
And, I am now officially certified to drive the mini bus! After a one hour and twenty minute lesson, GA's can now travel! It was a little nerve wracking, but I didn't side swipe anything (except a very small tree limb branch, so I consider that a successful maiden voyage!)

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