At Bennett's fishing tournament, I spotted a copperhead snake swimming by the dock! Well, I decided it was a copperhead. To our family, every snake is a copperhead. We have seen dozens of copperheads around our house. A green snake in the grass is a copperhead. A black snake on the driveway is a copperhead. Sometimes, big lizards are even copperheads. It sounds quite redneck, but if we see a snake, it is a copperhead, the deadliest snake in the state of South Carolina! period-no exceptions 
So, when this snake came swimming by, daddy & Bennett looked over the boat, "Yep, it's a copperhead." Some guys in the boat beside us, looked at the snake and said, "That's just a water snake" I argued with them. No need to pull out the snake reference books, if we see a snake we can chase you and  it can kill a matter of seconds!
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