Easter Sunday

He has risen, He has risen indeed!
Easter is a beautiful day!
 Our church pews were full to the brim, the singing was superb and the sermon (as always) was outstanding. We have been blessed with the most incredible pastor and choir. PaPa Gene got he job of carrying Mary Claire's Easter basket.
 Then, we were all back to our house for a wonderful Sunday lunch. Prepared by two wonderful cooks: My mom & Mrs. Smoak. Tomato pies, honeybaked ham and fresh coconut cake!
 Every occassion, this is a scene you can bet the bank. 
 This year, we put a new spin on the Easter egg hunt. With an age span of 14 years,  
 yes we made the big kids partake, it's hard to find a way to hunt them equally. So,  each child had 25 eggs hidden with  their names on them. They could only collect their eggs. The little ones eggs were hidden in easy places and daddy hid the big kids eggs in hard places, like throwing eggs in trees! Our egg hunt took about 30 minutes! A great new tradition!
Oh, this picture was from a scene that was SO funny, I could not even take pictures. I by chance, got this shot because she ran into the frame. I was trying to get a picture of this cute little, Elvis looking rabbit. {Mary Claire is mortified they will get loose and the dog will kill them.} She caught glance of the rabbit loose and went in full-fledges freak out screaming mode.  This little bunny was running for his life from a screaming 6yr. old. To the bunny, it had to be 10x more frightening than any large predator. The bunny was running wild! Mary Claire was running, crawling, tripping while screaming at the top of her lungs. She must have been heard by all of Cottesmore. Cry s& I were laughing so hysterically hard, we could not move. I deserve every grass stain on her new Easter dress!
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