Boa explanation

Explanation...These pictures were taken at our conference last week. Again, I am always the well behaved friend. After our longest day, I was so tired, I couldn't wait to get to the hotel room, shower, slip on PJ's, power up my laptop, watch a little news and sleep. {yes, I am this exciting every night} When Shannon, she is flabbergasted that I am ready for bed at 9:00. There was an Association party down stairs. So happy, I had wet hair and could not be persuaded into participating. She went alone. I heard a knock- at midnight. This is what I found... All, I could imagine was her husband, Alan singing, "I like my woman a little on the trashy side!" There obviously was a project. Photograph something red. I might have chosen apples or flowers. But, Shannon choose a blond wig and feather boa.

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