Mom's Muffin Munch

Sometimes, somethings are so sweet, they make you cry! Today was Mary Claire's mom's muffin munch. We started off the morning in the music room with the sweetest songs I could ever imagine! I just want to sit, savor the moment and listen to the sweet words! 
What a spred! Here are two of my children's fabulous teachers! Mrs. Goodson (black dress) and Mrs. Hendrix (blonde in hot pink) 
I love the poems that ask, "How old is mom, how much does she weigh?" The answers are hysterical! But, as they get older, the answers become more accurate. It's a joke, that mom's age is 29. Each year on my birthday, I'm 29. Notice on Mary Claire's sheet, under age, it says 39. I said, "Why did you put mom is 39, you know I am 29." My teacher said you had to be 39, not 29." "Well honey, they lied to you." Anna Katherine over heard this, it drives her crazy that every year I'm 29. She said, "WHATEVER, I saw our census, you're 38!" "Well, you daddy filled out our census and he sometimes lies , too!"
 I've got to embrace this "age gracefully thing!"
I always love the hand drawn portraits. I framed mine from last year and it hangs on my office door. 
Here's a few from this year:
I'm dressed like a teenager! But, the mom below me was in a strapless dress! Too cute!
Our last gift, the children had learned 'The Polka dance.' So while sweet Mrs. Hendrix played the piano and sang, the children had to teach the dance to their moms.
One of my treasured gifts!

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