Mom's Yard Sale

This past weekend my mom had a yard sale. A yard sale she poured her heart and soul into for over two weeks. My mom is the neatest, cleanest, most organized person I have ever met.  And, as you read this, please know she has a great sense of humor and we all pick on her out of love. {smile}  Mom's Yard Sale had as much planning and orginazation as a small wedding.  (good signs are everything, she cleaned  the merchandise, created departments {housewares-clothing-electronics},  put an ad in the paper, had everything priced, ETC.. )  But, she did not anticipated RAIN. And, it POURED rain half the morning. Luckily mom had plenty of umbrellas.
She lives in a 'retirement community' of patio homes.  (not really a retirement community, but they don't allow children, so that's what I call it!) So, when her neighbors heard of her yard sale plans, they too joined in. It was a neighborhood event! 
Mom had our girls working the streets like the dancing Statue of Liberties at tax time!
Peolple can be so funny! I'm not knocking yard sales, my mom loves them and has found some great treasures! It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. All those kinds come to the yard sale!  
The funniest people, are the people who come to your yard sale and ask for items they don't even see. Like, it's a department store. 'Where are your drapes? We're looking for drapes... we don't see drapes.' 'Oh, that's because housewares is on the back porch, I'm sorry. But, please stop by customer service located by the sidewalk and get a muffin and some coffee.' Then you have the yard sale vultures. (the vultures are the pros. They show up the night before or at 6am in their moving vans, watch you while you set up,try their best to talk you down to practically nothing..only to resell your stuff at the flea market)Here is a vulture using a jewelry loupe to verify a bracelet... marked $1.00! Take you chances, it's $1.
My Mom: Professional Yard Sale Organizer 
Fanny Pack-check $50 in one dollar bills-check parking plan-check Pleasant Wal-Mart greeter attitude-check a list of things for my sister and I to do- check tableclothes-check a stack of umberllas to loan to shoppers in chance of rain-check
She brought in the troops. She doesn't have a lazy bone in her body and when she is around, you won't either!  My sister and all the girls spent the night, preparing for the army of buyers they expected at 6am. (I opted out of the sleepover) I drove down bright and early Saturday morning. Mom set  up a 'muffin stand' for the girls to enjoy. They had a great time peddling their wet muffins, hot coffee and counting their 'dollars.'
No one was leaving without spending a quarter. Talk about "high pressure."  Mom  was the  type of sales lady that sticks to you (like glue) and won't let you shop in peace. Showing the shoppers all of the goodies they wouldn't want to pass up! The shoppers love her, high pressure or not!
It was driving my mom crazy because I was 'sitting' in the garage, trying to stay dry.  Why?Because I was sitting in chair that was for sale ($5) "It will never sell with you sitting in it!" Mom, please, it is pouring rain and I have no where to sit. I told her I would give her $5 to let me sit in it for the day. The second I got up, I caught her moving it to the curb. "It will sell out  here." 
(Of course, 'Because of me', the chair never sold, It was so comfortable, I took it home. For the next yard sale)

Then we realized mom was selling Christmas gifts!
 How could you sell your Snuggie?
 For a $1
And, selling our childhood memories for .50 cent! (well, my sister's childhood memories, mine were sold at a yard sale years ago) Here's 'Felicia' my sister's adoptive doll! Who could pass that face up! (obviously everyone, because it never sold)
This lady was SO funny! She was a yard sale heckler.  (I could write an entire BLOG on all the hilarious comments she made) She stayed at the yard sale for over an hour, spent $170 and hugged my mom when she left! She jokingly asked if we could take a 'debit card'...Well actually I can! I used my business 'Dial Pay" I wonder if that's the first time credit cards have been accepted at yard sales.
I'll give you a dollar for that baby...If I only had a quarter for every time we heard that. But, who doesn't love a sweet little baby!
No offers on the big kids! {smile}
Uncle Stephen, made a detour by the yard sale. Here he is making sure the kids are following all of the proper business & zoning rules regarding lemonade stands.
Anna Katherine asked why she could not keep these earrings. I said, "Because you are not a floozie." She said, "Well, does that mean Honey is a floozie, they are hers?" {witty girl} You have to have the right outfit, and sweetie you don't. Not yet.
MOM! (I used the same tone of voice  my kids used with me when I could sing a cool song) "Mom, WHO's is THIS?  It sure doesn't look like you!" (Well the AA cup size does, but not the red lace and leopard print!)  Anna Katherine tried to take this home! {not yet}
Mary Claire thought it made a great BUG costume 
(she has seen here daddy do this many times)
If was a fun day! 
Mom got rid of everything, whether it went to buyers or GOODWILL, not a crumb was left!
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