a penny

My computer and I are still in the dating stage, 30 days to change my mind. But,I feel my love growing everyday! I am finally able to 'somewhat' zip-zip through the work day! Outside the realm of photo editing and email, I still feel like this IMac speaks another language! But, with time (and the arrival of my much anticipated fancy editing software) hopefully, it will become a full fledged romance!  (But, I am still typing from my old computer)
 I am so happy to see another April 15, Tax Day, come and go! Being self employed, 'tax refunds' are non exsistent!
A penny for your thoughts
Haven't we all had dreams we would love to have analyzed. Today with some one on one time with Anna Katherine she began to tell me about her wild dream the night before. I'd love to analyze this one. Here's her dream:

I dreamed I died and went to heaven. When I got there Jesus opened a room that was full of clouds.  Mom's thinking, aahh how sweet! And, that lady, that new lady on American Idol was there.The one that looks like Mrs. Butler. (Ellen) And we all lived in trailers...everyone did. No mansions, just trailers. And Jesus made us all go to pep rallies, "Go Jesus, Go Jesus." And, you were there too, momma.  Hilarious, but kind of sweet. What a nice way to picture heaven "A great big pep rally" (minus the trailer park part)
Hair scalping update
Almost 4 months ago, Mary Claire experimented with her daddy clippers. She  touched it to the front of her hair. Thus, removing the hair to the scalp! It was so-so short, here it is after 4 months of growth. (and after bath tme)
 I have never been a fan of bangs, they are way too much upkeep! So, I refuse to cut that random peice that hangs down the middle. We just keep slicking it back everyday!
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