Nursery Duty

I have had church nursery duty since Bennett was a baby. (14) years - (4) times a year.  I am usually assigned to the two year old room. This is a room full of some of the cutest personalities in our town! Adorable children. This week my biggest nursery helper (Anna Katherine) was out of town. I taught school for several years. So I can handle kids. But, this past Sunday I had (12) potty training two year olds, in a small room. 
I did not realize, until it was too late, that since my last duty, the devil had delivered a new toy. In the corner of the room, one of our two year olds discovered this toy. Only Satan would have ever thought to create a toy for two year olds;  made up of  ten thousand tiny beads, in a tub - with shovels!  'boys & and girls,(all 12 of you) please try to keep the beads in the tub' The beads didn't just spill out, at times they flew out! So, for an hour,  along with diaper changing, potty taking, goldfish, play dough and not to mention Mary Claire, we spent the morning picking up hundreds of loose beads, from every corner of the classroom.  After every single bead was cleaned up and the lid was put on the tub, a tot got loose and sent a scoop full flying. Evil toy maker! What ever happened to good old-fashioned sand! At least a vacuum can pick that up!

So, this past Sunday, after (14) years - (4) times a year... I turned in my nursery duty resignation. I love these tots, I will miss these tots.  But with teaching GA's,  teaching Sunday school and after (14) years - (4) times a year, it is time to pass the torch,  my duty is done. 
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