Rubber Eggs

Well, this was not the post I had planned to write the day before Easter. But, it happened today and is too funny not to share! Anna Katherine spent the day working with me at the USC Horseshoe. My sweet friend/customer, Tara, found a plastic Easter filled egg; I'm guessing it had been leftover from a sorority/fraternity egg hunt. Tara threw it down rather quickly. Anna Katherine immediately went investigate. Here's what she found.
Having flashbacks of her questions about the "disco stick", I told a little white lie. "Don't touch that. I think it is drugs." WRONG answer for little miss 'Nancy Grace!’ She was not letting it go for a minute – for the rest of the day it was complete tunnel and utter vision!

*Momma, we need to call the police!

*How much do you think each egg was worth to the drug dealer?

*Do you think the drug dealer is mean?

*Is he a USC student?

*Don't touch them, your finger prints will be on them.

*Is it crack?

*Is the drug dealer still here?

*I called Daddy; he said to call the police.

*I called Bennett, he wants to know what they look like.

*Mom, it said the drugs come in 'different flavors' (it said assorted colors)
She ended up finding over a dozen eggs today, most were filled, but some were empty. She threw rocks at the eggs that were too high to reach. But, she was absolutely not allowed to open any eggs she found. (in case it's an undercover operation, like on Dateline wink-wink)

One day, in the future, maybe in 7th grade 'health class', it will dawn on her, exactly what those drugs were.

Callie said...

my mom and I are dying right now!!! so funny!!!

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