Spring Day

We are off to a great spring break start! A spring break that will be filled with work for mom, but I promised to squeeze in a little fun! I had a million errands in town today. The kids tagged along and we had a Camden House of Pizza picnic in the park. (the best pizza ever!)
The weather was just perfect! Charlie was in heaven. After his ear infections, he is still banned from table food and a piece of pizza really would have made his day complete. The kids had fun splashing water on each other. Innocent fun until Bennett took it a little too far! He filled his cup with water and poured it on Anna Katherine. Who then melted into tears. Not to worry, I promised her sweet revenge. Which daddy carried out at bedtime. (Bennett was doused with a bucket of ice water while showering tonight)

The pollen is almost unbearable here in the south! After being outside for only a few minutes, everything has a nice yellow dusting!

My 14 year old son, who is honestly a brilliant child. (yes, I am bragging, but he really is a boy genius) However, sometimes you want to smack him with a chemistry book. It was hot outside and we all needed to dash into the grocery store. Each child needed something particular, they absolutely had to pick out themselves. I cracked the windows, handed the keys to Bennett and told him to be super quick, bring me his item and run back to the car so the dog didn't get too hot. After about 20 minutes when the girls and I opened the car door, Bennett said, "Finally, we are burning up." The engine was not running and he was sitting in the hot car with the dog. He has a great sense of humor, so we have all gotten a good laugh from his temporary loss of common sense. At least the dog wasn't going to bake to death alone!

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