Swan Lake

Sumter is our home away from home. Swan Lake is one of our favorite places to visit! My sister really dislikes the place. She thinks the swans are 'mean and aggressive' but, realy she's scared. If you visit at dinnertime, they will definitely attack!
The meanest, most aggressive swan are still no match for Mary Claire.

There's a new rule at Swan Lake: No feeding the birds
As the girls were feeding them a few cookie crumbs, Liza shouts
"Come on birds, we have FREE SAMPLES" (so witty)
Anna Katherine is always such a great helper! 
Notice the heart.
Baby Boy was along for the ride! Such a sweet baby .You can't put down.
Sweet Sarah Anne
One of my favorie children to photograph. She oozes personality (and a sassy attitude) Pictures can't completely capture the spunk. She needs to be in commercials.
Crystal laughed when she noticed Sarah Anne on the swings. Crys said, she looks like one of those children in a commrecial about 'lost children' or 'child abuse'   (see that sassy attitude I love so much!)
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