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Today, for about (3) minutes I was feeling like a really cool mom! I have never considered myself a cool mom, because my personal definition of a 'cool mom' is something I never had nor ever wanted to be. I had a mom who made my sister and I adhere to a strict bedtime, wouldn't allow us to wear make up when our friends were sporting blue eye shadow, set 'early' curfews... and even wait up on the sofa until we were home. To this day she will reprimand us if a bad word slips out. My own mother was definitely not a cool mom! Some of my friends had cool mom's and I can honestly say I never wanted one.

My definition of a cool mom is:
mom's who  - allow 14 year olds to watch "The Hangover' (my 14yr. old is begging, but this mom says no way, don't ask. Naked women in Las Vegas is not what needs to be in your mind right now)

mom's who  - let 11 year olds dress as they please. This mom thanks God for a strict school dress code. It makes it much easier to 'just say no' to tween hoochie wear.

mom's who - allow all the video games and TV a little brain can hold. No video games or Satellite TV's in rooms. It can rot your brain, smile!

mom's who - allow the kids to say "OMG or Oh my God" Using God in the form of a curse word is a sure way to get your mouth washed out with soap. A personal peeve I can't shake.

mom's who - let kids pierce belly buttons.

(you get my point)

But today, in the car with my kids and their buddies, a brand new hip hop dance song came on the radio. And, I knew all the lyrics. (if I said the name of the song, you would wet your pants laughing) My kid's friends said, "Oh turn it up, I LOVE this song.... turn it up." So, when I was able to sing along and not miss a beat, my kids were stunned and amazed. Bennett was the most shocked, HOW do YOU know this song? (He would really die if he knew his 'rythm challenged' mom also knew the dance moves)

My secret: on the weekends, I am able to enjoy cool wedding receptions, full of young people and dancing. They play the newest hippest dance songs. Well, week after week, you learn the lyrics(and the moves) You end up liking these songs! You end singing this trash alone in the car!  I'll even add them to my secret list of IPOD songs....

But, after my (3) minutes of cool mom fame was over, I told them 'remember, do not plug your IPOD into my computer!
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