yardsale UPDATE

Update on the red leopard yard sale bra. A little background first. Growing up there were three of 'girls.' My mom, myself and my sister.  When it came to undergarments, my mom and I were very simple. Mom wore 'larger undergarments' (not large size, just more material.) I opted for the average look, with the average amount of material. My sister choose garments with the least amount of material (hint ~ relatives are not allowed to fold her laundry)  Let's just say she is no stranger to Victoria Secret online (nor is her husband's credit card) 

Here's our conversation last night (sister in red, me in blue)
"Your blog was so funny. I am so glad you didn't mention that the bra was mine."
"THAT was yours, seriously?'
"Yes, I took it on my honeymoon, I still have the matching panties."
"Oh, well if I had know that, I wouldn't have blamed it on mom. I kept trying to picture mom    buying that somewhere."
"Yes, it's mine. Don't you say anything."

To be a good girl, she has always lived on the wild side with her undergarments
 ~raaawwwr~  (that's a leopard's roar)

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