Where have I been?

Where have I been? Well, it all started with a delivery from my buddy, the UPS guy! When this package arrived, I entered a Technological nightmare! I have been held prisoner by this package for it seems like forever!
The day my package was due to arrive, I was feeling a bit guilty. My old computer was leaving my office in hours. This was a computer I could wizz around on effortlessly, find anything I needed in seconds. It had never really failed me. My gulit for all those hours on the phone together with the guys from India figuring out why this computer would not do what I told it to, the days I threatened to beat it to death with a hammer, the days I cursed it's very existence. Now it's destiny worse than death. It's days will now be a life filled with Webkinz and virtual Barbie. It will now be (Twilight music please) The Children's computer! (eeeek eeeek)
Farewell my friend, you've been a good one!

After 2 minutes of guilt, my excitement grew! The newest, fastest Apple IMAC had landed in my office. Promising to make my work flow even more efficiant! With it's 27 inch screen, 16gigs of RAM and a super cool Wacom pad, I was feeling like "all that and a bag of chips!"
Well, God does have a way of knocking you off your high horse. This was the beginning of my nightmare! This was a foreign animal and it is mean! I knew a PC and a MAC had different operating systems, but I had no idea one system was in english and one was in code! I could not find anything, not the Internet, not my pictures, or my email! Everything was named somethig else. What the heck is Safari, applications and Volumes. Where's my computer, my programs and hard drives. Everything is something else. WHAT HAVE I DONE? This is a busy work time and instead of working, I have spent hours staring at a screen, trying to maneuver this high tech pen mouse, looking for the basics and feeling like a complete failure! Where's my hammer!  Where's Jack Bauer?                        I'm being held hostage!
So, that's where I have been. Working between my office and the playroom. Trying to learn Apple computer 101. I am getting better everyday. At least I do not have respond to emails on a Blackberry (sorry to all who received emails with texting language and spelling disasters, those buttons are really small) Other photographers swear I will love it. I am warming up to it a bit, but I would not say love! I am writing this blog from the playroom! On my old computer.
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