Willard Farms

 It was a wonderful field trip to the strawberry patch!
Bennett announced at dinner last week, that I was the 'youngest mom' of all his friends! aahhh, sweet! Not on this field trip. Most of the children in preschool are 'first children.' Which means 'young new moms.' So today, I was an old mom!
Mrs. Goodson, a beautiful, sweet, soft spoken teacher... an angel sent straight from heaven! Mary Claire says, "She loves me!" My husband says, "She loves Mary Claire." That's a gift, to make every child feel that loved and adored! 

I highly recommend Willard Farms. The workers are incredibly kind and accommodating! The play yard was unlike anything we have ever seen. But, prepare to get 'really' dirty!
The dirt slide. The mom's want their kids looking cute for photo ops, we  all cringed when we saw the mountain of 'dirty' dirt. The kind that sticks to you and makes you 'really-really' dirty! The kids loved it!
 Behind this picture, there were at least 20 moms with cameras. Talk about parent involvement! Speaking as a teacher, that's a double edged sword!
They looked like little ants on an ant hill! Cutest little kids!

Sarah Margaret & Mary Claire

Tomorrow's post: Mom's Yard Sale

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