Critter Shorts

Because you're not the normal Prep
My son (thankfully) has finally embraced the preppy style.I definitely encouraged this style, but tt's a thrilling moment when your teen finally realizes his mother knows best!  With so many young people styles out there, moms can get worried. Magazines seem to promote the 'dirty look.' The type style,  even when kids are clean they look 'dirty.' (even though that could apply to Mary Claire most weekends) God, please don't make me fight the clean battle more than I already have to! 
So, this mom was so thankful  to see my teenager embrace the preppy-ish look.  Finally, without being told, my teenager wants to tuck in his shirt and wants to wear a belt and wants short hair and wants to shower and be clean and requests Polo's, Izods, navy blazers and bowties. (small prayer answered, thank You) But, not all preppy, he still embodies some country boy traits (that I adore)! On the weekends he will be decked out in hunting clothes,  rubber boots and a few pounds of dirt. And, when it comes to matching (see below) he still needs him mom's guidance.
So when Bennett requested 'critter' shorts, his mom was all to happy to start shopping. (they are the shorts with the little embroidered animals) I'm a huge fan of online shopping, I rarely shop in stores, there's no use! Pick your size, style, color, Google a coupon and it arrives at your door in days! It was a great treasure hunt! I  found shorts with: green whales, fish, ducks, crabs, dogs, quails, lobsters, horses, etc.... 
The girl's in 8th grade decided since Bennett loved critter shorts so much, they would make him a pair. 
Mary Copeland and Amelia  spent the weekend making these adorable critter shorts! 

He is such a sweet, likable young man! 
He makes his parents proud!

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