exercise and glasses

Foot update. Monday morning, I was  feeling as if I was turning the corner with my fractured ankle. That is, until I went to the doctor. Examining the bone scan, it revealed that the fracture started at my ankle and went to my knee.(that's why I thought it might be shin splints) The doctor compared it to a stick that cracks at the bottom and keeps cracking it's way to the other end. If it breaks: pins and surgery. No cast, no boot. A fracture can move, but it can not withstand pressure.  strict instructions for my crutches) So.... I went from being worried about not being able to run for 6weeks to being worried about one mis-step and not being able to walk for 6weeks.  I barely limped into the office, but I exited the office practically hopping on one foot.
 Husband's words may just be true, 
"I told you exercise was bad for you!" 
Lately, I have had a major case of the camera I wants. But, this week my I wants, turned into I gots. (much easier to justify to yourself when it's a tax write off)  I finally bought the new lens I had been coveting. So, I have been photographing any and everything! Myself (doesn't everyone take one of these mirror self portraits?),my foot, frogs , fruit, flowers...Random/still things I never photograph. (No worry, I won't bore you all to death by posting all of my foot, frog, fruit and flower pictures.) 
Charlie is still waiting patiently for the opportunity to eat our last two rabbits.
Bennett needed glasses. He has inherited his mother's poor vision. We have struggled unsuccessfully with his contacts for months . (taken with my pocket camera)
A quick shopping trip for Bennett's middle school 'dance clothes.'  My two big kids  left their sense of humor at home, because their daddy was embarrassing them nonstop! Imagine that. Jeff asked a sales lady, in his creepiest voice,
"Do you sell these? Because, I would love one for my wife"

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