May Day Celebration

Anna Katherine's special night. 
She was chosen for the May Court
Her sweet escort Jonathan. It has been an ongoing battle to get Jonathan to 'hold hands.' This has actually been an issue with all of the 5th grade boys. The lower school principal had to have a chat with them.  Jonathan's mom is a good friend of mine and we had a good laugh tonight. Jonathan comes from a family of boys and is very shy. But, just the sweetest thing!
Anna Katherine wondered why all the girls were taller than the boys. {a brief explanation of puberty followed} She was hoping Jonathan would go through puberty before May Day.
Anna Katherine came home one day and said, "The boys got fussed at again today. They refused to hook up with the girls."  (mind racing)  "You know mom, when you hook arms and spin around."

May Court Flowers

As we were walking to the car, we see Mary Claire climbing the fence to get to the potty.
 And, the gate was open!
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