Mother's Day

What a fabulous Mother's Day! Nothing elaborate, just a low key kind of day, with beautiful weather and all of my family! It started with Anna Katherine making her mom breakfast in bed. Around 6:30 am, I awoke to a plate of hot eggs and a waffle lying in beside me in bed. She is an incredibly thoughtful child. Thirty minutes later, I awoke to this...
My sweet husband, who is honestly the most thoughtful person I could ever wish for, got me a new grill. Very thoughtful and considering our old grill just died and we were planning to buy one. Brilliant, thoughtful man! {wink}
My sweet husband, always goes out of his way to make sure small occasions are special  to the mom. (Since, the time (15yrs. ago) he absolutely, totally forgot my birthday (by almost 48 hours) Imagine how much simmering you can do in a 48 hour period. It has scarred him for life. seriously, look closely, you can still see the scars! - smile) Daddy made sure the kids were armed with small sentimental gifts. 
I got a large assortment of kid's crafts. (which to me are better than any store bought gift, ten times over) Mary Claire  drew me a beautiful card. "Here mom, I made you a Mother's Day card. That's a stingray on the front." (A stingray?)  I'm still trying to figure out the underlying meaning of a stingray.

Here is a portrait of me,  by Mary Claire. I look a bit crazed! 
And here is her self portrait....
Then, it was a beautiful picnic in the park with my mom, sister's and all the family. Just a perfect afternoon.
(picture is in black and white because the stripes, plaids and wild color combinations would blow out your eye sockets)
My sister and her girls and baby boy...(have I mentioned that he is one of the cutest baby ever!)
My mom would not share baby boy! And, if any of you hear baby Roger cry, please be sure to ask my sister if he is hungry.  {momma bear will growl}Her has a touch of colic and everyone thinks the magic cure is to keep feeding him! 

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