Mountain Mudpies

After a couple days of rain, Honey's driveway had one small spot of some great mud...and the girls discover it!
There's nothing slickier or stickier
Stirred by your fingers and strained by your toes,
This Little Piggy 
Honey's cabin only has one TV. Saturday night we were all bathed and cozied up on the couch ready to watch a movie.
Enters PaPa Gene
 master of the remote control
 There was a NASCAR race coming on in 10 minutes and he was master of the remote. I will say, I have ridden in a race car (at the Charlotte motor Speedway, we reached 160mph, it was horrifying, so I completely respect  the skill it takes.) But, I can honestly say I have never-ever watched a car race. Neither has daddy. But PaPa Gene was not going to miss it. So, we all watched NASCAR...Glued to the TV. (Now, convinced it must contain brainwashing messages) I eventually feel asleep. The most horrifying thing of all... the next day a Hooter's (insert eye roll) I asked hubby, "Who won the race." As soon as it came out, I went into shock!
 {Hooter's - NASCAR on a Sunday. What has my family come to)
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