My Ankle

I has finally happened, my malnourished diet of sugar and diet drinks has finally caught up with me.  I have had my first running injury.  For over a week now, I have limped and whined all over the house. I'm not a big whiner (about pain that is), so my family was pretty worried. I have no idea exactly how my injury happened, there was not one traumatic event, it just started hurting. At first, I thought it was shin splints. I was hot on the phone to  my physical therapist sister-in-law wanting a diagnosis. I just knew my leg hurt.
My philosophy, NO PAIN - NO GAIN. So I popped some Alieve and continued to run through the pain; Saturday - Wednesday! By Wednesday night, I could barely walk. Time to rest. So, Sunday night, after three days off,  I decide to give my ankle anther test run. 
{beep-beep-beep} One mile into my run walk, I turned around and limped a mile home.When no amount of trashy-ghetto running music can take your mind off the pain, I knew this was more than a bruise.

(When my family saw my ankle Sunday night, PANIC set in. What will we do, how will we eat, how will our normal life go on when our maid is out of commission?  I was being treated like a million dollar  racing horse. One the owners really didn't want to shoot. They had too much riding on this horse! Way too much invested)
 My ankle after a Sunday evening run.
Monday morning, I was at the orthopedics' office bright and early. 
Diagnosis, a stress fracture in my ankle. 
The x-ray showed one fracture, but the doctor ordered a bone scan to see if there are more.
Thankfully, stress fractures are simply wrapped (no cast), the ankle needs to move move. But,  I was ordered to use crutches on for.... not sure until the bone scan. No running for a few weeks. Which makes me very sad. However, knowing if I do not listen to the doctor, I could do some serious damage. I will be a good patient and follow doctor's orders (the best I can)
Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I am having the same problem, but I was doing jumps. I haven't seen a Dr. yet, but I can barely move at this point so I will have to soon.

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