Our Garden {take one}

Garden time again! Each year we attempt to plant a small vegetable garden. The kids love it! Mary Clare especially loves to watch things grow. It has never been a 'highly' productive garden, but this year, we promise to do better!

We were off to Lowe's to buy our plants. I said, "Mary Claire, smile let me get your picture with your plant" Mary Claire,  "Noooooo, are we going to have to have our picture made with every plant we get?"
Leave it to Bennett to look for something inappropriate!
Last year I sent daddy and the kids to purchase the plants. The combination was hysterical: (1) cantaloupe, strawberry, eggplant, watermelon, radishes, a few corn, a few tomatoes. It was definitely a large variety of vegetables. This year we tried to stay a little more focused.

The girls begged for the more unique vegetables, so we compromised with seeds.
My favorite; cherry tomatoes
 Hopefully our garden will grow!

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