Pat the Bunny

Bunnies.... Each year I have to have bunnies for Easter pictures. These rabbits are considered 'working rabbits', bringing in their own income! Each February my girls start begging for the rabbits. Please-please-please let us get them early. We will take care of them, we promise.
Many of my customers ask what I do with them after Easter season. (my standard reply, why would you like one?) Luckily, year after year, the problem has always resolved itself. I give a few away, some run away and unfortunately a couple fall victim to Charlie.
As my dear friend Kelly would put it, "This year, you done messed up and got the durable kind!" It seems that way! It is May, Easter season is over, and I still have four healthy (probably pregnant) rabbits! The girls who once promised with all their heart to love and adore these bunnies, now whine and complain at the mention of caring for them. I have begged and begged people to take them, offering free food and home delivery! No takers.

This rabbit, in particular is a trouble maker. The cutest one of all. Taylor Swift does not want to stay in her cage! Surprisingly, she is Charlie's favorite! Neighbors, on a weekly basis, will hear Mary Claire shrill scream because Taylor Swift is loose and Charlie is in hot pursuit. But, my kids have mastered bunny catching! (darn them!)
Bennett demonstrates their rabbit catching technique  below. Even though Sarah Ann is not a rabbit, she has been known to outrun a full grown jackrabbit.
Just this morning before church, I noticed from the kitchen the water bottle looked empty. Sure enough, EMPTY! Pack your bags, we are going on a guilt trip!  I explained to my girls how they would feel to be pinned up and dying of thirst.

This Sunday was Children's Day at our church. We attend a very large church. So, when our church puts on an event, they "the put on an event!" Our invitation read, "The Animals came two by two, arrive early and enjoy the petting zoo." We knew this would be a great PETTING ZOO! Lamas, camels, horses, sheep, who know, the works! So our morning was a little more stressful as we raced to church early to see the animals. The girls raced from the car, ran ahead of me, and when I arrived at Noah's Arc, I saw them stomping back, not happy at all.
What's the matter? 
"All they had was rabbits! We skipped breakfast at McDonald's so we could hurry and come and pet more rabbits! We could have brought them (4) to pet. uuuhhhh"
We soon found out, the petting zoo had canceled on Saturday, leaving our incredible Children minister to scramble to find animals. She found some rabbits and a baby goat my kids forgot to mention!
 Wish I would have known! 
I would have anonymously dropped mine off, like a orphan baby being abandoned on the church steps with a note. (I wouldn't have left a note!) 

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