funerals & valuable lessons

Valuable lesson one: We received a 'phone call' from Bennett's math teacher. This is the first 'phone call' I have ever had with her, now days we usually communicate via email. She was thrilled Bennett made a 94 and 102 on his last two math tests. He had one of the highest grades in his class.  His teacher said, she was so proud of him,  that she found him on the football field to give him a high five. {again, we are blessed with absolutely incredible teachers} It was one of those 'proud parenting' moments.  {sometimes they can feel few and far away!)
The horse finally is drinking the kool-aide water!
Bennett finds a baby possum and tries to save him. He was a baby and pitiful. But, also mean and scary looking! 
"A picture is worth a thousand words." We are down one rabbit, need I say more! {bad dog} To teach him a lesson, Bennett made the dog watch while he dug the grave. (?)

Valuable lesson three:  Follow doctor's orders. Mom got some much need 'foot healing' time. A bone scan revealed, the fracture in my ankle was larger than expected. It was a great week staying in comfy clothes, without make up and working nonstop on the computer! Daddy snapped this picture while adjusting my new camera frame, but it pretty much sums up - looking like 'mud' while waiting for my legs to turn into jello.
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