Warning : Bad Pictures!

What's the absolute worst picture I have ever taken of my kids? Before today, I could not have pin pointed just one. But, after today, this image will be burned into my brain! Bennett looks like a cartoon character. (no photoshop involved)  Notice the big head and then the size of his arms and legs!
What was up with my angle? I promise I was not trying to make them look like caricatures!  Just experimenting with another new lens and all my experimenting involves my own kids. We were enjoying our first watermelon of the summer. (and it was a great one, I must say) I got some very sweet pictures. (I'll share those tomorrow) However, out of this same set, there were a few 'big headed' shots. 
Our family does have really large heads, seriously! My hat size is the same as my husbands! My kids as babies were always off the charts with head circumference. So, I may harbor some of this big head blame.

Bennett just walked by my office while I was posting these and said, "Why are you putting these on there and leaving out the good ones." Because these are funny! I'll post some of my watermelon favorites tomorrow, it's late!
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