"watcha GOT?"

Anna  Katherine got her first cell phone. You have to realize this was a major monumental event, she has only been begging for 3 years! Our rule, she had to wait until the 6th grade. Her daddy couldn't resist the begging until August. She asked if I could post her telephone number on Facebook so everyone could text her. oh-my, no sweetie!  The next milestone, legalized make-up wearing. (that will be awhile)
Bennett got his phone taken away in composition class. "I was just looking at the clock on my phone, because I can't see the clock on the wall."  -sure son, I'm sure you were just studying and she took it right out of your pocket....for no reason at all- I'm kind of hoping she keeps it through exams.

Charlie got.....yes.....he did.....such a bad dog!
I was going over an order with a customer. My girls were showing her 7yr. old daughter the rabbits. She dropped it for 30 seconds and that bad dog flew out like an evil vampire from Twilight.... it was over in 30 seconds. Can you imagine the tears and sheer screaming as three little girls witnessed the actual event. BAD dog! He got a nice introduction to the fly swatter.
Jimmy Newtron got the George Grice award! So proud of his. He just folded it up and stuffed it into his book bag.
Mary Claire got caught! 
{another fine example of why this family would not survive life in a neighborhood}
Mom got sentimental saying good-bye to her 5th grade GA students, they will be moving to youth. I teach 3-5th grade and I love these girls!
Mary Claire got a bug catcher from her kindergarten teachers. I found her outside right before bedtime looking for creepy crawlers. The first time ever, I have felt sorry for bugs. 

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