Mountain House in May

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Honey's mountain cabin. It started with an invitation for some "Mary Claire only quality time." And, ended with my entire family and my sister's girls. Definitely a cabin full.
Daddy enjoyed the brisk mountain air, while we all relaxed on the swing and enjoyed his entertainment. 
Bennett had Latin on his mind. With his upcoming exam, throughout the weekend his nose was glued in his textbook. He took some breaks, fly fishing and entertaining with his daddy.
Taking a break, I asked Bennett to, "Sit down and spend some time with your momma." After rolling his eyes, he said, "OK, but let me take this stuff out of my pocket." Out he pulled a Pepsi and a napkin full of fried bologna. Only, Bennett. {for some reason, this struck me as so funny}
Saturday afternoon, the guys drove to a gun show in Asheville, the little girls all disappeared into their homemade / bed sheet tent on the porch, mom was cooking in the kitchen and I took a nap!  In a quiet, cozy, dark room, I napped for two hours. WOW, I can't remember my last nap! Still a little groggy eyed after my nap, I loaded the girls and  met the guys in Hendersonville at the Mass General store. Time to do a little candy shopping!
The bigs kids knew they could get one pound, they seemed to check the scale after adding each piece. But, Sarah Anne - never ceases to entertain! She would fill her basket to the tip top, having to drag it around. When it was to heavy to carry, she would ask me to hold it, I would half empty it, she would refill it. We did this several times. Liza  picked out 5 pieces. We had to keep sending her back to add more!
Today we were Catholic
We walked all over Hendersonville,  calling the girl's names periodically. It sounded like roll call at a  Catholic Girl's School , Sister Anna Katherine, Sister Mary Claire, Sister Sarah Anne. Catholic also, because everyone asked if they were all ours. Note my kids and my sister's kids look nothing alike, so my response became:
"Yes, they are all mine, but the two blondes have a different daddy."
One thing my mom and I discovered on our little trip. In her tribe of grandchildren, there are two chiefs! One cheif is tall and one is small, but they consider themselves complete and total equals. Stick in a hairbow feather and call them chief! 
There were nine of us on this walk, following the chief's motorcade!
During our trip, Bennett  decided he would like to smell good. really good. All weekend, he begged for a nice bottle of cologne  And, what mother can resist their son's desire to smell good! {smile} A quick trip by the mall, resulted in a lunch I wish not to repeat.

{Note: eating out is a rare occasion in our house, an average restaurant dinner  for our family around $80. I imagine $80 worth of groceries and the meals we could have! Especially when one hour later everyone is whining with hunger pains}

I spotted a Hooters restaurant right across the street. With a huge picture of a delicious cheeseburger &  a sign that read 'kids eat free on Sundays." well, that looks good. The last time I ate at Hooters was about 20 years ago. How quickly we forget and oh how the clothing  times change. Of course husband agreed, since ya know kids eat free {wink}

To make a long painful lunch story short
* our waitress and every staff member was barely-barely dressed {who knew, LOL}
* they  didn't  have printed kids menu {bad sign}
* play-boyish magazines decorated the walls from floor to ceiling
* I kept up the conversation to avoid the girl's wandering eyes {pressure}
* Bennett kept his nose buried in his Latin book, stealing glances around every few minutes,
* Mary Claire was practicing her reading skills, figuring out what many of the words said   {what's a wet t-shirt}
*I didn't realize Anna Katherine texted her friend from school telling her "where" we were! {just great, please mention that kids eat free}
*Two ladies {who looked absolutely nothing like women, but more like burley construction workers} sat down beside us, which sent Jeff &Bennett into hysterics
*daddy laughed the entire time
*And, the food was not that great!
all for a cheeseburger & to save about $15!

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